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A Modern Version Of A Lying, Thieving, Serbian Dating Scammer Prostitute Witch Burning

Warning Unsuspecting Possible Victims Of Serbian Sociopath Predator Anka Sara Zecevic ♥

A Filthy No Morals Woman Whose Evil Soul Is Destined To Burn For Eternity In Hell......

20 Years Lying, Cheating And Stealing From
People She Said "I Love You" To

If You've Never Seen The Face Of Evil, Take A Long Look Into Anka's Eyes. You Will Have Seen It Then.

Never Trust This Serbian Trash, NEVER!!!!

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Enjoy The Photos But Stay Away From The Lying Whore


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 The Devil Doesn't Come To You
With Red Face And Horns

She Comes Disguised As Everything
You Have Ever Wanted

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Serbian Prostitute

Introducing The Evil Beautiful Anka Sara Zecevic

Republic Of Serbia's #1 World Famous Sociopath Love Fraud  And Pathological Lying Dating Scammer Prostitute

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Serbian Prostitute

Anka Sara Zecevic

Official Serbian Prostitute
Fan Radio 94.7 FM DJ
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A Filthy No Morals Trash Woman Who Uses Her Son And "I Love You" To Steal From And Manipulate Her Victims

Reported To Serbia Federal MUP Organized Crime Unit For International Online Fraud And Dating Scamming

Extreme Caution: Sociopath Predator

See Anka's Xhamster "BUSTED A HEROIN HOE"
Lying Whore Photos Page Click

Liar, Thief, Psycho Manipulator, Dating
Scammer Love Fraud, Con Artist, Heroin Using Prostitute

Celebrating 20 Years Of Reported Lying, Cheating And Stealing From People She Said I Love You To.
She Then Stabbed In The Back.

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Do You Think You Have Met An Angel?.... I'd Think Again Man.
If You Have Met Anka Sara, A Master Of Deceit. I Understand What You Think You Found. Which Is Exactly What Her Long List Of Victims Believed They Had Found...
Exactly What She Wanted You To Believe. But It's A Hollywood Act.

One Day, They Met The Real Anka Sara Zecevic.......
The Mask Of Lies And Deceit And Fraud Was Now Removed....... 

And The Incredible Sociopath Horror Show You Were Involved In Was Exposed
It Is Not Possible On A Website To Fully Explain How Horrible This Woman Is
This Website, Is NOT Here As A Joke...You Have Been Warned
We Were Not....... Be Careful

If You Choose To Trust This Woman, God Help You, You Will Need It

Need Proof Or Convinced ? I Am Happy To Help

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Heroin Hoe

A Song Written For Anka Sara Zecevic ♥

"Went Ghost To Sofia Told Me Just To Paint
Up All Nite Selling Ass In Horror Always Feeling Faint
Her Cute Ass Is All She Has To Sell
The Truth You Can Bet She Will Never Tell

Heroin Hoe Heroin Hoe
Oh Lord Oh Dear Lord Please Tell Me It Aint So
That My Beautiful Cat Eyed Baby Anka Sara ♥
Is Just A Lyin Sofia Heroin Hoe"


A Lifelong Trash Woman

Local Bajina Basta Stories On Anka's Criminal Scumbag Behavior Date Back 20 Years, Many Victims. Her Neighbors
Were Happy To Help And Explain Her Lifelong Behavior.

"I Am Very Sorry To Tell You But You
Are Not Anka's First Victim"
Serbian Advokat Knew Her Story

"She Left A Trail Of Destruction, You
Are Lucky To Have Your Life,
Some Are Not"
Bajina Basta Resident

"There Is No Way To Know How
Many Before Or After You. You
Are One In A Row"
Public FB Post From A Person On Anka's Friends List 

"This One Is For Anka. We All Know About Dule And Frenchman You Ripped Off, Pathetic"
Public FB Post From Bajina Basta Resident

See The Pattern, LOL...... ???

Even The Google Computer Knows What This Scumbag Trash Woman Is....... lol

A Dangerous Sociopath Predator - Never Trust This Woman


Speak Srpski? Read The Statement From The Serbian Guy About The Psycho. He Explains Her Very Well

It Is Easy To Question One Persons Honesty, Not Two


Anka Remakes Herself

After Hiding Like A Rat For 2 Years After Exposed As A Lying Thieving Sociopath Dating Scammer And Heroin Using Sofia Prostitute. Anka Sara Returns As An Instagram Makeup Lover With Her New Likely Fake Modeling Career lol And Reactivates Her Facebook Profile Deactivated in 2013 Hiding From A Previous Victim Who Evidently Tried To Expose Her On FB.....

"Another One On About Anka"
Public FB Post From Bajina Basta Resident
There Is No Way To Know Exactly How Many

Instagram... Giving Love Fraud Scammer Thieves A Great Venue For Finding New Unsuspecting Victims

A Few Words From The Site Author - Why Is This Site Here?

This Website Is Not Here As Some Joke. After Experiencing This Woman And Her Psycho Lying Behavior. Then Finding A Guy From Serbia Whose Life She Psycho Manipulated And Left Destroyed. Who Experienced The Same Insanity And Was Able To Fill In The Blanks Since She Was Doing It To Both At The Same Time.

Then Exposing Her On FB To Have Members Of Her Community Of Bajina Basta And Belgrade Come Forward Publicly And Privately Explaining Her Past History.
We Found The Truth.. We Were Just Two Of Many Victims Of Sociopath Anka Sara

This Site Is Here Based On Facts, On 34,100 Recovered Text Messages The Scammer Tried To Destroy. That Buried Her Once I Was Able To Recover The Viber Text.

A Woman Who Used The Lie She Was Not Getting Paid At Fan Radio To Steal For Over a Year. That She Was Scared She Did Not Have Breakfast For Her Son.

The Pathological Manipulating Lying Started The Night We Met. It Never Ended For 2 Years Down To Her Last Viber Post, Which Was Another Lie. Trusting This Woman Was The Biggset Mistake Of My Life....... Dont Make That Mistake....
You Have Been Warned..... We Were Not

I Am Happy To Provide Any Information And Answer Any Questions

This Site Is Not Here As A Joke

Anka Sara Famous Quotes

"I Have A Great Ass I Am Known For It"
"This Is A Great Piece Of Ass I Am Selling Here"
"Nobody Wants To Love Me, Just Fuck Me"
"I Never Lie"...... Lmaooooooo Incredible

♥ Anka Sara ♥
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